I don’t have time, it’s too expensive, I’m not fit enough. As a Personal Trainer, these are barriers I hear time and time again. But did you know that the benefits of personal training far outweigh the objections? Here are my top five benefits of using a personal trainer to complement your wellness routine.

1. Goal achievement

This had to be number one. Ultimately, this is what we’re here for. To help you set realistic goals and help you to achieve them. Whether they be fitness related, fat-loss, toning, training for a specific event or a mix of several, we tailor your exercises and design your sessions to make sure that you get the results you’re hoping for.

If you aren’t aware of the best exercises to do in order to achieve your goals, you’re unlikely to achieve them within your timescales.

2. Increase motivation

If you’ve hit a plateau in your exercise schedule, or you’re not sure where to start, then personal training is a great way to refocus and kick-start your routine.

It can be tricky to maintain motivation with the gym alone. There’s a level of accountability with personal training that you may not feel when going it alone and that can be very motivating. If you’ve made an appointment with a PT, you’re far more likely to go.

3. Reduce risk of injury

Injuries can render you out of action for weeks, even months, making it counter-productive to your routine.

A sure-fire way to injure yourself or aggravate an old injury is incorrect form. I see it all the time. You risk serious injury if your technique is off. We’ll make sure you’re doing each exercise correctly and efficiently to maximise your results while reducing your risk of injury.

4. Variety and creativity

We’ll challenge you to think outside the box with your fitness routine. We can help you introduce exercises that you may not have tried before, or may never even have heard of. Keeping it varied and interesting is key to staying motivated too so it’s win win for you.

We’ll combat boredom with a mix of machines, free weights, equipment such as medicine balls and battle ropes and body weight exercises to make sure that no two sessions are the same.

5. More affordable than you may think

And because we’ll help you achieve your results in the most efficient way, it may actually work out to be more cost-effective for you.

We have an offer on at the moment where you can purchase a four-week gym and class membership and four PT sessions for only £99. This is a saving of around £23 overall so it’s a great way to get started. We can also design bespoke plans – which are free for members - to make sure you’re really maximising your time in the gym.

I’m going to throw in a bonus benefit here – improved mental health. Did you know that physical exercise can be very beneficial in improving mental health? So much so that it’s a recommended part of treatment by many health professionals. Exercise also relieves stress, boosts your mood, improves memory and aids sleep. So what are you waiting for?

Sometimes taking that first step is the hardest part – but once you start seeing the results you’re hoping for, it’s all worth it. Take the first step today and get in touch to arrange a consultation or to book a session.